Tuesday, September 4, 2018

September Newsletter

Dear AOS Families, Students, and Friends,

            The weather might feel like July, but we are officially into the month of September.  We want to start by wishing all of you a welcome, and welcome back to Academy of Sound! Our school year lessons will be starting next Monday, September 10th, but here is some information about what to know for this month.

Semester Start and Reminder: As mentioned above, lessons start Monday, September 10th. Don’t forget to double check you or your student’s time and day before lessons start!  There will be no lessons this week to help you or your student get back into the busy school routine!

Registration:  Our lesson openings are becoming fewer and fewer each day. With just a handful of spots remaining, make sure to register if you have not already. Here is a link to registration: https://www.academyofsound.org/enroll

Punch Card for Busy Adults: Are you a busy adult?  We offer a 6-lesson punch card. Contact our office to learn more about this program!

Teacher Tips:

This month, our voice teacher Kirstin Roble, offers 5 tips for first time lesson attendees.

5 Things that are Ok to know for your first lesson

            Whether it’s your first lesson in three months or your first lesson ever, it’s not uncommon to be a little nervous. When I started taking private lessons, I remember having butterflies in my stomach at the first lesson.

1.    It’s ok to be nervous:
What? It’s ok to be nervous. I tell every new student that I get this exact sentence. Private lessons are different from a music class you might take in school. Working one on one is easier for some students to adapt to right away and harder for others. It’s ok to be nervous- your teacher is here to help you grow and achieve the goals you have.
2.    It’s ok to bring music or your instrument
This may seem obvious, but I get asked all of the time if it is ok to bring music you’ve been working on to your first lesson.  The answer I always give is “yes!” Maybe you’re auditioning for a solo in choir or band- feel free to bring that music into your first lesson! Your teacher can work with you on it and it can help us get a sense as to what you may need to work on in lessons
3.    It’s ok to ask questions
One of the biggest mistakes that people make when starting lessons is that they don’t think that they can ask questions or embarrassed to. Ask questions! That’s one of the best ways to learn. Also, feel free to take notes or record your lesson! In 45 minutes, we cover A LOT of material. I can’t always remember everything nor do I expect you to!
4.    It’s ok to ask about “how to practice”
Believe it or not, I didn’t learn how to practice just by sitting at home in front of my piano. It was my early teachers who helped me developed a strategy for practicing. Your teacher will have resources, tips, and even warm-ups that you can take home and replicate for your practice sessions.
5.    It’s ok to have fun in lessons
Yes, private music lessons can be fun! We do warm-ups, theory, and talk in foreign languages (at least in voice lessons!) but we also laugh and study really amazing music. It’s ok to have fun- we teach because we love it and we want to share that passion with each of our students!

As we get ready to start another year of lessons, there’s a lot of excitement at Academy of Sound. We can’t wait to spend another school year with you!