Thursday, May 3, 2018

May News at AOS

Can you believe it? It's May! Despite a slow start to our Spring season, we're excited to finally see the budding plants and trees. May is a busy month here at Academy of Sound! With Conference Lessons, the Spring recital and the end of semester all taking place this month, there's plenty going on!

Show your AOS pride:

We've got a brand new batch of car decals in at the AOS office! They're the perfect swag for any family. These logo decals are easy to apply and run at only $5! However, the first 10 people to comment about them on our Instagram page gets one for FREE! Get yours today! (P.S. Here's a link to our Instagram page:

If you aren't sure how to apply the decal once you get one, here's a helpful video!

Still not sure how to apply it? Don't worry- Erin can apply it for you!

It's Recital Season:

We can hardly believe that it's time for our Spring recital, or more correctly, recitals! Spring is our big finale for the school year lessons, and as a result, many of our students take part in these recitals. These will take place on Saturday, May 12th, at 1pm and 2:30pm respectively. They will take place at the Oregon Performing Arts Center ( 457 N. Perry Pkwy. Oregon, WI 53575.) For more details, check out our Facebook event: 

Conference Lessons:

We can't believe this is the last month of school year lessons! May 21st will be the week of conference lessons. This will also be the final week for our Spring semester.  Contact the office with any questions that you may have! Makeup Group lessons and workshops will take place the following week over May 29-31. Enrolled students should watch for an email invitation to register!

Summer Session:

Summer lessons begin June 11th! Don't forget to register if you haven't already! Here's the link to enroll:

Practicing Tips:

Each month, we're going to be featuring some helpful tips or other tidbits of information. This month, we're sharing some great tips for practicing your music effectively!

The Perfect Set-Up:

The first step of a great practicing session is WHERE you are practicing. As comfortable as your bedroom is, it may not be the perfect set up for your session. A room free of outside distractions is imperative for you to concentrate. Ideally, this should be a place that you can also use regularly. When setting up your space, make sure you have what you will need during your practice session as well. From a metronome to extra pencils to staff paper, make sure what you need is easily accessible.

 Warm Up:

This goes without saying, but don't forget to warm up! If you were running a 5K you would stretch first. The same idea applies for practicing music.  Your warm up doesn't just get the physical self ready to rehearse; it also helps you to get into the mindset to practice! Keep in mind that practicing is not just playing scales. It can also be working on other skills, such as sight reading or even, stretching!

Practice with goals in mind:

A goal shouldn't just be getting through as much music as possible. Were there sections in your lesson this week that your teacher pointed out? Start with them! Is this a new piece and you're still learning the notes? These can provide great starting points for your practice sessions. Goals set for practice sessions should be small and realistic, not grandiose. Setting goals that are too big can lead to disappointment when you are unable to achieve them.

Teacher's Tips:

Our teachers have a wealth of tips to share! We'll be passing these on in future posts. Check out our first tips from our voice teacher, Kirstin Roble:

"In addition to taking notes in lessons, consider bringing in a recording device! Recording the lesson can help for cross-referencing what you write down. In addition, keep notebook with you while practicing during the week. That way, you can write down observations and questions that you have during practicing sessions! Both you (and your teacher!) will benefit from your weekly practice journal!"

Student of the Month:

We're planning to start featuring students of the month! Teachers, if you have a student (or students) that you should think should be featured, email it to the Office staff at

That's all for May! Enjoy the beautiful weather, and we'll see you back here in June!