Monday, December 7, 2015

Newsletter Winter 2015

Winter 2015-16 at Academy of Sound

Welcome back to the Academy of Sound newsletter! It's been a busy year so far, and we have much to share with you. 

Featured students: Beau & Leo J.

Beau & Leo J.


Grade this year: 4th
School attending: NKE
Favorite subject in school: Art
Other activities (hobbies, sports, instruments): Basketball, Football, Baseball, Piano, Guitar, Cello, Choir, Oregon Straw Hat Players, Rubik’s cube, & Legos

"If I were an animal, I would be a duck because they’re awesome creatures."
Famous quotes:
  • “Quack, quack seat back”
  • “I’d like ten thousand marbles please.”
"What I like best about AOS music lessons is that I get to play songs that I am familiar with & my teachers are great!"


Grade this year: 2nd
School attending: NKE
Favorite subject in school: Art
Other activities (hobbies, sports, instruments): Basketball, Football, Baseball, Piano, Guitar, Oregon Straw Hat Players, Playing cards, & Drawing/Painting

"If I were an animal, I would be a panther because they are orange and black & they stand for the Oregon Panthers."

Famous quotes: 
  • “Five minutes to get rid of it.” 
  • “Mom, get me food!”
"What I like best about AOS music lessons is that I get to play guitar, piano, and I learn a lot of songs - My teachers are cool!"

The members of this dynamic brother-duo each take 2 lessons per week: on piano AND guitar. Go Beau and Leo!!

Office updates

Our full calendar is here

Absences - your call!

As we announced at the beginning of fall, absences are now under your control. Each student will be offered the opportunity to make up 1 lesson per semester, no matter the absence reason. So families can decide!

  • Absences must still be reported before 12pm (noon) on the lesson day in order to qualify for a makeup lesson offer.
  • Call 608-371-9030 or write to to report absences and request makeup lessons.
  • Be sure to request the makeup at the time the absence is reported. We will keep track in case you forget whether you've used your one absence per semester. 

Always contact the AOS office (instead of private teachers) with scheduling questions and updates. 

Phone: 608-371-9030

Community connections
The following was submitted as a Letter to the Editor to the Oregon Observer in November, 2015. They haven't published it yet - so we will!

Keith Hampton
The community of Oregon is fortunate to have a valuable resource in Academy of Sound, which was founded in 2003. As Managing Director and primary voice instructor, I have the privilege of interacting with Oregon-area families and witnessing the artistic growth, intellectual development, and healing power of music lessons for the children and adults who study with us. With the Academy and its neighbors in the news lately, I would like to take the opportunity to share more about what we do. 

As of fall 2015, Academy of Sound has over 60 active families, with over 80 students enrolled in one or
more lessons per week (many students study multiple instruments). There are also many entries on our waiting list, indicating room for growth and demonstrating the popularity of our offerings. We employ professional musicians as teachers, hire our own students every year as beginner teachers and in administrative roles, and present two or more public concerts annually at no charge, attended by hundreds from Oregon and beyond.  

Each week, our students advance in the mastery of their chosen instrument(s) while forging positive relationships with adult role models. Music's innate value is enhanced through practicing transferable skills including listening, critical thinking, and making self-supporting choices. Many students experience cognitive, behavioral, and/or affective improvements while enrolled in lessons. One parent recently shared that "Academy of Sound has helped bring out confidence, public music playing ability, and improved social skills in my children." 

We offer discounted tuition to those in need, in partnership with the Academy of Sound Foundation. Our store brings instruments, sheet music, and other music-related merchandise to Oregon families at affordable prices. We appreciate the community's support, and look forward to many more years of excellence in music education here in Oregon.
Keith Hampton
Managing Director, Academy of Sound 

Thanks for reading
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